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The Company Sponsored Descriptions featured in Standard & Poor’s Market Access program are provided to investors free of charge for research purposes. Information within each listing was furnished to Standard & Poor’s by the company or was extracted from public filings. Standard & Poor’s has reviewed this content and has deemed it eligible for publication in Standard Corporation Records.

Published continuously by Standard & Poor’s since 1917, Corporation Records provides in-depth coverage on domestic and international publicly traded companies. Corporation Records is used by investment officers, pension fund managers, registered representatives, and other financial service professionals.

Information that is ineligible for publication in Corporation Records will not be featured on this website. Standard & Poor’s has been paid a fee by each company that participates in the Market Access Program.

If you would like to see a particular company featured on this site, please encourage the company’s Investor Relations officer or other senior official to contact a Standard & Poor’s Regional Account Manager via telephone at 888-4SP-LIST or via the e-mail address below.

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