Evolving Gold Corp.
Stock Data:
Capitalization as of March 31, 2013:
Stock Authorized Shares Outstanding Shares
Common no par Unlimited 156,589,000


COMMON SOLD PRIVATELY: In July 2010, the company completed a non-brokered private placement with Goldcorp Inc. for the sale of 19,047,721 Common shares at Canadian Dollar (C$) 0.82 per share resulting in net proceeds to the company of C$15,606,357. UNITS SOLD PRIVATELY: August 24, 2011, the company completed a non-brokered private placement of 10,290,000 units at C$0.56 per unit. Each unit was comprised of one Common share and one-half of one Common share purchase warrant, for a total of 5,145,000 warrants. Each warrant entitled the holder to acquire one Common share at a price of C$0.75 until Feb. 23, 2013. In connection with the private placement, the company also issued finder's compensation warrants totaling 110,400 warrants exercisable into one Common share at a price of C$0.60 until Feb. 23, 2013.

DIVIDENDS: Common no par: One Common share of Prosperity Goldfields Corp. for every 10 Common shares of the company, ex-Feb. 14, 2011; 2009-12, None; 2013, None; 2013, None.

TRANSFER AGENT: Computershare Trust Co. of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Common Stock
Exchange Year High Low
Toronto Stock Exchange 2013 0.2100 0.0200
  12012 0.4600 0.1600
  2011 1.2400 0.2500
  22010 1.2600 0.6900
TSX Venture Exchange 2009 1.8500 0.2200
1Prices reported in Canadian Dollars.
2Moved from TSX Venture Exchange to Toronto Stock Exchange Dec. 7.

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